Lights, Camera, Mustangs


Erica Hurst , Writer

Since its formation in 1985, the Buffalo Island Central School District has excelled in all of its endeavors, such as basketball, golf, and academics.  However, there are some programs that have been lost throughout the years.  Now, one of those organizations is being brought back:  the BIC Drama Club.


The individual who is responsible for the resurrection of the Club is Mrs. Nancy Spencer.  Mrs. Spencer is the English teacher for Junior High Students.  She was inspired to bring back the organization because she has a history with the Arts.  Ever since she started teaching here, she pushed for a drama department.  Last year, three BIC students participated in a production of Gypsy at the Forum, including her eldest son, Beau Weeks.  For Spencer, this was the last thing she needed to get her to ask for the Club.  


“To those considering joining, I would warn them that theatre might, quite possibly, be the hardest, most demanding, most frustrating, yet most satisfying experience of their school career,” informed Spencer.


Mrs. Molly Delp, the high school English teacher, was eager to join the Club as an advisor because as a teenager, she too thrived on stage. Delp recalled how much she enjoyed those experiences and how she learned so many different things from doing plays. She felt it was a shame that all of these talented students at Buffalo Island had no access to this art form.


“Play casts create families,” Delp said.


To solve this problem, Mrs. Delp and junior high instructor Mrs. Nancy Spencer  marched into Mr. Taylor’s office and addressed the issue.  To their surprise, he not only allowed it, but gave his recommendation for the first play that the club should perform for its comeback, The Beverly Hillbillies.  


This news called for a celebration from all of those who adore the arts.  A student that was especially ecstatic was Junior Noah Teeter, a long-time participant in the Jonesboro Foundation of Arts. Over the years, Teeter has performed in several plays at The Forum. He was overjoyed in hearing the news of the formation of the club, as he has requested this from the school for years. Teeter is adamant about the play going well, and is excited to see the end result.


“I just encourage anybody to do it. I just want it to go well so that more people will sign up and more plays will happen,” Teeter said.


However, not all kids share Noah’s calling for plays.  In fact, most students at Buffalo Island have never performed in any play, like Sophomore Billy Brown.  He joined the play without knowing anything about them. Instead, he joined because he was looking forward to getting to know his classmates better and meet new people.


“Mrs. Nancy told me I should join, but I had to think about it. I had to think about getting on stage in front of people, because I usually get all red and hot. I think it will help me communicate with other people better. Not really anyone I hang out with is in the production,” Brown said.

Billy is not the only newcomer looking forward to the future of The Drama Club. The cast, as a whole, are equally enthusiastic in practice and preparation for this October production.


To ensure that the upcoming play reaches the high expectations set for it, the students spend up to  three hours practicing on Tuesdays and Fridays.  It is suspected that there may be an even more demanding schedule as the Opening Day looms closer and closer.  Outside of practice, the cast members are required to do all the other necessary jobs, such as memorizing lines, remembering where to stand, and getting familiar with their character, which is possibly the most key aspect to putting on a good show.


This isn’t even including the other vital roles that there are in plays.  The Junior High Campus has a new class eighth hour where students volunteer to build the set for the stage.  This class can help alleviate some of the stress to get this new club off the ground and rolling before the upcoming play date.  

Everyone involved in this production is excited to see the future of the Drama Club flourish and grow at Buffalo Island.  Anyone interested in seeing the fruits of their labor can attend Opening Night of their play, The Beverly Hillbillies, on October 13th at the BIC West Elementary Campus, located in Monette.