From wake boarding to keyboarding, Stewart enjoys it all


Lexie Ray

Business teacher Wendy Stewart works with senior Tyler Parker during CBA class.

Lexie Ray

The lake is a place that Mrs. Wendy Stewart has always found herself at, starting from a child all the way to adulthood. She has decided to carry on the family tradition by taking her own kids to experience the same feelings she has always felt.  From water skiing to wake boarding, those are just some of the water sports that her family enjoys doing.

Stewart has had memorable moments at the lake, such as watching her boys learn to ski for the first time to finally getting to the point of starting to barefoot ski.

“Thankfully, we’ve never had any major accidents,” Stewart said, “just a few bumps and bruises.”

Having to go from the crisp, fresh air to germ infested hallways, Mrs. Stewart still shows immense enthusiasm while talking about business education. After teaching for 18 years at Senath-Hornersville, the mother of two decided to take the opportunity to teach at Buffalo Island Central to be with her kids.  

“I enjoy teaching business classes because of the constantly changing technology, it never gets boring and it’s always exciting,” Stewart said.  

Wendy Stewart is also over FBLA, and plans on attending all the conferences, such as the fall conference in October and the spring conference in January. “Depending on our work and how we do at the district level, hopefully we will be able to attend state in April.” Stewart said. She plans on doing fundraisers throughout the year for FBLA to help, but doesn’t know the details on that just yet.

I enjoy teaching business classes because of the constantly changing technology. It never gets boring, and it’s always exciting.

— Wendy Stewart