Reckless driving equals wrecked cars

Cassidy Qualls’s vehicle shows the aftermath of her collision with a bridge near her home.

MORGAN BARNES – Hoof Prints Staff

It wasn’t a typical morning for Katelyn Sparkman. She was already running late for school when she realized her mother had forgotten to sign her physical form.

In a rush, Katelyn jumped in her car and sped to school. As she was speeding around the curve by the Co-Op, Katelyn lost control of her vehicle. Before she knew it she was suspended upside down by her seat belt as if she were harnessed on a roller coaster. The only thing she could see was the dew-covered grass where her windshield had been just moments before.

A helpful man came to her rescue before too long.  As she was being pulled from her demolished vehicle, she grabbed what was most important to her at the time – her paycheck.

“I had my seat belt on and I was completely hanging in my car,“ Katelyn said. “The glass had broke and it had gotten all in my arm.”

Just like Katelyn, Cassidy Qualls found herself in a morning rush to school. After receiving lunch money from her mother, Cassidy slid into her Camaro and hurried out of her driveway. She didn’t make it far until her change slipped right out of her hand.

With one hand on the wheel, she reached down to pick up the quarters in her floorboard. As she leaned over she jerked the wheel, sending her vehicle straight into a bridge.

“I was really scared because the airbag hit me,” Cassidy said. “There was smoke everywhere.”

Although Alyson Routon didn’t completely obliterate her car, she was shaken up a little by her fender-bender. As she pulled out of the Farmer’s Market parking lot, Alyson found herself in the tail end of Savannah Reed’s car.

Alyson couldn’t see around a blind spot and assumed the coast was clear. However, it wasn’t. Though Alyson doesn’t view her accident as a big deal, she can finally say she has been in a wreck. “Ole Maggie” is still kicking.

Just like Ole Maggie, Little G handled her collision well. Kayla Thrasher’s “gangster” car wasn’t gangster enough to keep itself from crashing into a garage.

The thunder began to roll and the lightning began to strike. Kayla had just gotten her Mustang and didn’t want it to be damaged by the storm.  She quickly ran outside and jumped into her car.

It was after Kayla put it in drive that she realized her foot had gotten wet.  As she tried to slow down pulling into the garage, her foot slipped off the brake, causing Little G to crash into the garage.

Although none of these vehicles were completely totaled they were damaged. From these nerve-racking experiences each of these high school students has learned a lesson to drive safer and slower.