Halsey Speaks at NHS Induction


Erica Hurst, Editor

The National Honor Society is a prestigious group of high school students who have maintained a cumulative 3.25 GPA and are enrolled in the Honors Program.  This year, BIC honored 123 students, 28 of those belonging to the graduating senior class. NHS opens the door for many by offering a scholarship to a senior who has demonstrated each of the four pillars of National Honor Society:  scholarship, leadership, character, and service. BIC Jr. National Honor Society President Mallie Zielinski feels that the positive effects of organizations such as this are endless.


“This program offers lots of opportunities for today and later in life.  It teaches the value of community service, which is very important to me and my peers.  Being in this organization can really give students something to strive towards, as long as they work hard,” Zielinski said.


This year’s ceremony was one of the most uplifting yet, especially when considering the knowledgeable guest speaker Barbara Halsey.  She spends most of her days serving as one of the 11 circuit judges for the area. Her stories of juvenile court cases motivated the masses to be responsible for one’s own actions.


Given the large number of participants, support of inductees’ families and loved ones, and the words of the dignified speaker Judge Halsey, Buffalo Island’s National Honor Society Induction Ceremony was a refreshing and rewarding break from the average assembly.