Bolster Wins Grand Champion


Erica Hurst , Staff

Makayla Bolster, earned the title of Grand Champion at the Delta State Fair at Memphis.  To commemorate her win, she received a banner.


“I won Grand Champion Market Hog, which is the best thing you can get,” Bolster said.


The show took place on September 2, and another BIC student, Cole Knuckles, was right behind Bolster.


“Showing has pushed me to work hard and be myself.  It has taught me many life lessons [such as] how to be responsible.  It has also taken me [to] places I have never been before, and given me friends from all over the state!” she continued.


BIC FFA continues to impress with their hard work, drive, and dedication to their craft.  The community congratulates all the winners and the FFA team.