BIC Weighs in on the Presidential Election


Makayla Cole

The United States presidential election is a huge spectacle every year, but the 2016 election is one of the most divisive, idiosyncratic elections our nation has seen. With two historically unpopular candidates vying to be at the helm of the nation, it’s no surprise that this election splintered into a very negative campaign, causing election fatigue.

Hillary Clinton has caused much strife with her email scandal, and Trump came with an equivalent amount of turmoil . Trump’s controversial comments on women seem to be a major issue in the media. From calling women dogs to being accused of sexual assault, Trump has made an uproar across America. His opinions with regard to minorities seem to be generating racial slurs at rallies. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has made many appearances in the media leading to an FBI investigation, and causing people to question her integrity.  

With the results just a step away,Hillary Clinton seems to still be a step ahead. The polls for the debate parade a 1-point lead for Hillary according to ABC news. The latest polls came after a series of extensive rallies and promoting. Clinton leads among voters within the education section. Trumps strongest group in the polls is that of white, non-college educated voters, which he leads 55% to 48%.

Buffalo Island Central students are no strangers to what’s going on politically. In a poll conducted just for BIC students, Donald Trump came out in the lead with 57% of the votes, which is no surprise considering Arkansas is also falling in line behind the Republican candidate.

When asked why he supports Trump, Junior Dustin Johnson said “Trump should be president because he brings the business side to help the economy.”

While  Hillary Clinton only received 28% of the vote among students, there are still pockets of support for her among students in school. Senior  Austin Clayton expressed his approval of Clinton, saying “The reason I would vote for Hillary Clinton is because of the experience she has had in political office.”

The third candidates received a small 14% of the vote from BIC students, which is still better than they are projected to do nationally.