Basketball teams to play at FedEx Forum

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

The senior high basketball teams are given a once in a lifetime experience on Monday, February 1. Both teams have been invited to play the opening games at the FedEx Forum in Memphis for the Memphis Grizzlies and the L.A. Lakers.

Every basketball season, the Memphis Grizzlies, has a senior high basketball team open up for their games once a month. Last year, a few teams from Arkansas opened up for the Grizzlies, and that’s where Coach Garrett Eoff became interested about our teams opening up for them. During the beginning of the school year, Coach Eoff got in contact with Brannen Brandon, the boys’ basketball coach from Bay, about these opening games. From there, Coach Brandon took charge and booked an opening game for the Grizzlies and the L.A. Lakers, and invited the BIC senior high basketball teams to play against them. “I found out on November 17, and it gave me goose bumps, because this is a once in a lifetime experience,” Coach Eoff said.

The teams will play on Monday February 1 at 1:00 p.m. for the girls and 2:30 p.m. for the boys. Each team will play a full game, and they will play by NBA floor regulations. Each member on the basketball team will be selling tickets for the game until February 1. The tickets cost $15 for mid-level seats for both the opening game and the NBA game. Also the basketball teams have to sell a minimum of 150 tickets. “The coaching staff and administration would do their best to exceed the minimum amount of tickets,” Coach Eoff said.

As for the teams and students, excitement about the games is mutual. “I’m pretty excited about it, it would be nice to meet Kobe Bryant,” Kalee James, junior, said.

“I’d love to go because my boyfriend is a big Lakers fan and $15 for middle level seats is never that bad,” Erika Davis said.

“Its going to be fun to play in a NBA arena, and Kobe Bryant is my favorite player,” Adrian Mondragon said. “I grew up watching him and it would be an honor to meet and play where he will play.”

According to Coach Eoff, tickets will be available in a few weeks from any Mustang basketball player.